• 29.06.


from 15:00 | in the garden of the Kinderfreunde

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Big end-of-school children's and family festival in and around the Kinderfreunde garden

The anticipation is growing, because on June 29, 2024, the Kinderfreunde garden on the Hungerburg will be transformed into the setting for a great event from 3 pm: the Hungerburg district festival!

The highlight of the day is a big end-of-school children's and family festival that will delight young and old alike. Visitors can expect a varied music program with bands such as 'Gramartmusig', 'Funky Monkey' and the 'Meschugge Quintett'. In addition, the supporting program offers numerous attractions for children and adults alike. From a fascinating demonstration by a glassblower to giant games such as Match 4 and a giant marble run - entertainment is guaranteed! The Kinderfreunde Spielmobil invites you to join in with painting stations, face painting stations and movement stations such as stilts, juggling boxes and bobby cars. The toddler station and the bubble station also promise lots of fun and entertainment for the youngest visitors.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Hungerburg Volunteer Fire Brigade for their active support, which has made a significant contribution to the realization of the Hungerburg District Festival!


Gramartmusig - The Ziach organ plays15:00-15:45Stage
Yoga embraces dance - dance yoga to join in15:45-16:00Meadow
Klara and the accordion - hands-on concert16:00-16:40Event room
Fire departmentextinguishing training - How do I extinguish a fire properly?16:15-16:30Playground
Church tour - The Theresienkirche is adorned with famous Weiler frescoes16:30-17:00The church
Funky Monkey - Concert17:00-18:00Stage
Ratz Fatz - Children's concert | powered by HungerBurgTheater18:00-18:45Event room
Treasure - A concert by the saxophone orchestra of the Hall Music School under the direction of Peter Girstmair. 18 musicians with soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones play film music and hits from the last decades18:45-19:45Stage
Meschugge Quintett- Gypsy Jazz, Hot Jazz of the 30s and improvisations20:00-22:00Stage

Permanent festival companions

Glassblowing - Experience the art of glassblowing and take your own work of art home with you15:00-18:00Dwarf house
Children's face painting15:00-18:00Parish church Wiese
Giant games15:00-20:00Meadow | Parish church Wiese
Kinderfreunde play mobile15:00-20:00Meadow
Button making15:00-20:00Terrace