Journalism Festival

Sunday, 15.05.2022

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Cities for the bike. Bike tour with traffic experts

Two mobility consultants from the Netherlands are cycling through the city at the 'Journalism Festival Innsbruck'. Sjors van Duren and Ruben Loendersloot will explore selected routes of the city with Standard journalist Steffen Arora (column 'Tretlager'). And make concrete suggestions for promoting cycling in Innsbruck.

Afterwards, at 13:00 , Arora will hold a public discussion with them, to which politicians of the city of Innsbruck will also be invited.

  • Ruben Loendersloot
    Transport planner specializing in cycling, advises municipalities and governments.
  • Sjors van Duren
    Cycling expert. consultant for projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria.
  • Facilitator: Steffen Arora
    Journalist, Der Standard

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