"Essen Finds City"

Wednesday, 06.07.2022

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A picnic of climate-friendly nutrition in Innsbruck

Network - Play - Cook along - Picnic

FOR ALL - committed, interested, curious, ...

14:30 Bicycle tour to school garden projects in

Innsbruck (Attention: Start at Campus Technik - End at Messepark!

Registration and more info at: lucas.weinberg@uibk.ac.at)

15:30 Set-up and start of the joint cooking session

"We save food" (cooking is desired under the

Guidance from Slow Food Tyrol)

16:30 - 19 h Picnic in the park with:

Games for young and old from: Weltacker Innsbruck,

Schmatzi, Südwind

Info and exchange about alternative food networks

like SOLAWI, cooperative supermarket, foodcoops

Host:in: Project Feed'INN; Austrian Climate and Energy Fund; Project MOST

Food and drinks: SlowFood Tirol; foodsharing; BioAustria Tirol; Klimabohne café & cargobike culture

Where: Messepark


sharing knowledge - Exchange about sustainable ideas and implementations

Image rights: coolINN