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An urban space sculpture made of re-use and sustainable materials for the climate salon in the fair park of the city of Innsbruck

Institute for Experimental Architecture Faculty of Architecture
University of Innsbruck
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Kathrin Aste


Innsbruck Marketing GmbH
Office for Citizen Participation
Kommando Hemp - Julia Pohl and Vinzenz Lachermayer

Alex Behelfer, Aline Krabacher, Anna Stock, Benjamin Zauner, Daniel Fessler, Emilia Wöhr, Emma Schwarz, Irina Wiesinger, Isabella Rier, Laura Mayer, Leia Lanschützer, Lena Moser, Marvin Studer, Valentin Spratler

Teresa Stillebacher, Felix Steinbacher, Raffael Schwärzler

Supported By:

aste weissteiner zt gmbh, master locksmith Michael Gassebener, Köllensberger Stahl, ÖH Innsbruck, Moltoplast, Pfeifer Group, Tschabrun Hermann Gesellschaft m.b.H., University of Innsbruck, Max Happ, Florian Berger and the workshop of the Faculty of Architecture Innsbruck.

The ./studio3, Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, is developing ISLA BONITA SCHROTT - an urban space sculpture made of re-use , recycled materials and sustainable building materials for the event series "Climate Salon" at Ing.-Etzel-Park | Messevorplatz Innsbruck in spring 2022 with students as part of their bachelor thesis and in cooperation with the City of Innsbruck, Innsbruck Marketing GmbH, Office for Citizen Participation.

The climate crisis, in particular the role of the earth's soil in the post-anthropocene, serves as the occasion for an architectural exploration of the theme of landscape as well as the binary dualism artificial - natural.

In the sense of the ./studio3 research focus of tectonic assemblage in architecture, artificial objects, natural materials as well as landscape elements were assembled by the students in the form of an urban space sculpture design: organic objects are juxtaposed with an overdrawn artificiality, machines crash onto body parts, products of mechanical, technological as well as natural processes mix.

ISLA BONITA SCHROTT poses questions that deal with the excesses of the Anthropocene, with instability and fragility, with legacies and human imprints, the landfills, the synthetic and the beautiful trash. In this sense, the urban space sculpture is realized with re-use and recycled materials; novel relations between the seemingly unrelated and the unrecyclable are generated, which trigger reflections on our environment as well as our position in it.

Especially in the building industry, it would be particularly important to use recycled and sustainable materials. ISLA BONITA SCHROTT will serve as a prototypical example of how these could be used. In the sense of an ecological circular economy, the urban space sculpture is formed from different recycled materials, some of which were obtained from demolition construction sites - these were dismantled and collected by the students.
In this way, components that should actually end up in the garbage become a valuable building material for us.

Mainly wood and other panel materials are used, such as chipboard, OSB and plywood panels as well as offcuts from e.g. flooring. In addition, a number of other recycled materials will be used, such as XPS, composite foam, bitumen, rubber granulate fall protection mats and tile scraps.

The roof of the urban sculpture will be a shell of sustainable hempcrete attached to a steel frame supported by columns.
Hempcrete is a 100% sustainable building material, antibacterial, insulating, CO2-neutralizing, whose full potential is still being explored.

Here, ./studio3 is collaborating with KOMMANDO HANF, a collective of female architecture students who are developing hempcrete prototypes and testing and researching the material and its components.

In the summer of 2022, ISLA BONITA SCHROTT will be occupied by diverse programming for three months as part of the "Klimasalon Innsbruck" event series.


Monday, 16.05.2022


Opening speeches
Drinks with DJ

Broothworth / VIE, GHOSTTOWN