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The district tour makes another stop this year in Mühlau. At the village square, the "Youth of Mühlau" organizes its "Festival of Youth".

"Mühlau to touch" is the motto. Visitors to the festival can discover youth work in a wide variety of associations and get to know the faces behind them personally. On the stage on the main square, Markus Koschuh and a young team of presenters will provide information and entertainment. In addition, games and hands-on stations, musical entertainment and culinary delights await the visitors.

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Stations and program

Main square Mühlau

  • Fire department Mühlau
  • Mühlau traditional fire brigade
  • Rifle company Mühlau
  • Natopia Association
  • At the information booth you can get information about the event and the different stations.

Culinary delights

The local gastronomy will provide food and drink. The youth day is also under the motto "alcohol-free - casual". In cooperation with nako "PURE ORGANIC ALPINE" refreshing drink variations will be offered.

Elementary school Mühlau

  • Get to know the elementary school Mühlau - during guided tours through the school at 11:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. respectively
  • The music band Mühlau informs in the entrance hall about different instruments and the possibility to be there.

Parish church | Widum

Special highlight: After Sunday Mass, the stairway to the tower of the parish church is open and informs about the history of the bells in the tower.

You can find out how to become an altar server in the sacristy. There is also exciting background information about the significance of the chasubles and the occasions on which they are worn.

The parish youth Mühlau invites to the parish coffee and games for the youth.

On the way from the village square up to the church (Kirchsteig) information boards inform about the construction of the air raid shelter located there and events during the Second World War.

DorfWerkStatt Mühlau | public library of the parish Mühlau

  • For the young visitors drei Punch and Judy shows at 13:00/14:00/15:00 are waiting.
  • The DorfWerkStatt and the public library will also inform about their offers.

Benefit - Exhibition:

Lend or Buy comes to an end with the Day of Youth. Pictures from the estate of Prof. Elisabeth Bauerstein Wildpolz can still be purchased or rented. The proceeds will go to the project group "Solidarity Mühlau".

District meeting place Mühlau

Treffpünktchen - A place where toddlers and their parents can feel at home - and that with a colorful program

  • Games corner for the little ones
  • Reading corner
  • Handicraft station "Build your own district
  • Children's make-up station
  • Information booth

Foxhole Mühlau

The Mühlau Fuchsloch is a natural biotope with wetlands and 18 ponds on the outskirts of Innsbruck. As a hotspot of biodiversity, it is a green oasis in the district of Mühlau.

  • Naturschutzjugend Tirol invites you to experience the urban eco-island Mühlauer Fuchsloch! From moving, nature-educational games, to exploring aquatic animals in the various ponds, to playfully imparted knowledge elements about small mammals native to the Fuchsloch.
  • Biotope - Fuchsloch: Sylvia and Wolfgang Auer, the two biotope guides, offer two guided nature tours through the biotope as part of the district festival
  • IKB Action Bound: Scavenger hunt with app and a water tour in the Fuchsloch

Dance Quarter

Wofgang Spee and Nikola Benkova have been active with their dance school in Mühlau for many years, they show modern dance on stage and open their dance school for the Mühlau Youth Day.