from 14:00 h | Innstraße - Waltherpark

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The stop in Anpruggen (Innstraße - St.Nikolaus) marks the end of this year's district tour and invites you to a big street party. A special feature of this district: its location 'at the bridge' gives it its name. It is also the oldest part of Innsbruck. But: Anpruggen is not really 'old', there is a lot going on here! We want to show this diversity at the district festival. Numerous local institutions, businesses and facilities are putting together a varied program. And this much is already promised - there will be something to discover in many corners.

Musically everything stands here in the indication of the Singer Songwriter. At several places local and international artists and bands provide for good tendency with fine sound and rousing beats. A large children's and family program with many participation and play stations promises a fun and entertaining afternoon. The local gastronomy conjures up the cultural diversity of the district on the plate when different and international delicacies are served.

Music program

MAIN STAGE - at Hans-Brenner-Platz

hosted by Montagu BedxBeers

  • 14:00: Parade and square concert Musikkappelle Mariahilf
  • 14:30: Funkfreak and record store
  • 15:30: Good Habits
  • 17:15 h: Tribubu
  • 19:00 h: Level Spaces
  • 20:30 h: Daiana Lou

Stage in Waltherpark

hosted by Dachziegelflow

  • 14:00: Roman Bernhard (singer-songwriter)
  • 14:30: Eric Bley (Funk/Soul)
  • 15:30: Humming People (Indie)
  • 16:30 h: Roman Bernhard (singer-songwriter)
  • 17:45: Rhe Band Jeanny (Post Indie Punk)
  • 19:00: Beyond Hills (Reggae/Dub)
  • 20:00 Clock: Hip Hop Cypher (Hip Hop)

Stage at the bridgehead

hosted by Montagu BedxBeers

  • 14:00 Marching Band John Blow enters the stage
  • 14:30 Elvirais Kiss
  • 16:30 h: Airplane Food Band
  • 18:00 h: Matthias Patterer
  • 20:15 h: Good Habits

large games and hands-on program

  • 50 years of Natopia with hands-on and experimental stations
  • Circus Meer - feel like a real circus acrobat and walk on stilts, balance on balls and learn tricks
  • Paint the Street and Woodschtock - paint the streets with chalk and build creative structures with hundreds of wooden sticks
  • Radl-Salon with crazy bikes Mowetz - bike curiosities, where you sometimes have to hop, and sometimes balance to get ahead, or sometimes have to steer to the right to go left

other program highlights

  • Flea market the floorboard
  • Bike flea market scouts
  • Live reading with the actors of the Tiroler Landestheater from the play "Odyssee