Art and action

Thursday, 28.07.-Saturday, 30.07.2022

each from 16:00-21:00

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Prepper Pad
A contribution of the Agency for Aesthetic Agitation / Art and Action to the acceleration of social-ecological transformation.

Come on in!
At our shooting booth you can win valuable paraphernalia to pack your customized prepper backpack!

Come, Come!
You will certainly not go away empty-handed! You will at least leave the game with a consolation prize and a prepper card. So that you can also check at home how best to prepare for the upcoming collapse in Business as Usual (BAU). Get active!

The Wake Up Machine and Wheel (of) Fortune featuring IPCC projections of global temperature trends round out the program with an anti-displacement radio play and interactive science education.

Prepper booth

Concept: Carmen Fetz, Lilly Panholzer

Gamification Design: Gregor Rettenwender

Design Prepper Bude: Felix Winkler (FELUX), Christian Schwarzer (KUNSTme)

The (in)Wheel of Fortune was created with the support of Christian Zauner (Parents for Future) based on a mediation graphic by Joeri Rogelj (climate scientist).

The anti-displacement audio games of the wake-up shaking machine were created with the kind support of Peter Bachler (Artists for Future) and Norbert Prinz (, recorded by Dystopod.