"Food finds city" - What is there and what does it take for sustainable food in the city?

Wednesday, 06.07.2022

14:30: Bike excursion to various school projects on sustainable nutrition in the city. Open schooling in Innsbruck, the MOST project presents its partners.(Meeting point with bicycle at 14:30 at the forecourt of the Campus Technik - conclusion at the Klimasalon)

From 16:30: Short presentations, city talk and picnic to network people and initiatives for sustainable-climate-friendly food supply in the city. "We save food" at the Klimasalon.

Transition Tirol makes fresh and healthy meals from regional and seasonal food that has not made it to market.

Bring your picnic blanket and let's spin visions together and think through what good things we've already managed to do.

Host:in: coolInn, MOST, Transition Tirol


sharing knowledge - exchange about sustainable ideas and implementations

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