Opening ceremony

Monday, 16.05.2022

Park opening

At 13:00 the park will be officially opened by Mayor Georg Willi, Provincial Councillor Ingrid Filipe and the Managing Director of the Climate Fund Theresia Vogel.

Details on the construction of the park will be presented to the public by IKB, the University of Innsbruck and Boku Vienna.

The ceremony will be musically framed by wind players of the Bundesbahn-Musikkapelle Innsbruck.

Climate Salon Opening

The City Councillor for Culture Uschi Schwarzl will ceremoniously open the Klimasalon.

./studio3 Institute for Experimental Architecture Faculty of Architecture
University of Innsbruck presents the stage made of recycled material.

From 15:00 a DJ will play music and thus invites to the first celebration in the park.

We are looking forward to your coming!

Image rights: Ewald Zederbauer

With the kind support of ÖBB.